Have you ever wanted to know why you were created or what is the purpose of your life? Have ever felt stuck, frustrated or unsure about your what to do with your life and future? Or maybe you just want confirmation that you are on the right path and the decisions you are making are in line with your destiny. The Purpose Experience is a journey focused on helping youth and young adults discover God's biblical purpose for their lives.

This can be done in the form of a weekend retreat or a 9 week process where young people embark upon a journey where they "Experience" what living a purposeful life feels like. You will encounter the presence of God and be taught practical tips to discovering God's purpose for your life. 


  • Gain perspective on what Biblical purpose is and the process He takes us through. 

  • Discover what is keeping you stuck and hindering you from living free and the life you could only dream about. 

  • Take inventory of the key components of your life and how they relate to your purpose.

  • Establish a template and roadmap for navigating current decisions and in every season of life.

  • Understand the importance and difference between your primary and practical purpose.

  • How to hear and follow the voice of the God for yourself.

  • Recognizing God's pattern for how He leads you specifically.

  • Clarity and direction for your next steps.

  • Develop a “Life Purpose Statement” to guide your life no matter what career path you choose.


COST: $399 Per Person (group discount available)